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The foundation of Kenda lies within Mobile App Development. This is the core sector which we started in and have developed within.

We offer a full-range of services; from helping you develop a mobile strategy, through to final quality assurance and release of your app (and everything in between).

All our services aim to build apps that offer outstanding user experiences and business transforming results.

Are you looking for an app for a smartphone, tablet or wearable device? Then get in touch today. Whether it’s for Android, iOS or Windows or across all platforms we can help. You might be facing a specific organisational challenge or are looking to increase sales and customer engagement. Whatever problem you’re trying to solve, get in touch - we’d love to be part of the solution. Could we bring your ideas to life?

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Early Blockchain Adaptors

As an early adaptors of blockchain technologies, Kenda Technologies has a deep background and insights to share with its associate clients. More than two years ago, Kenda Technologies developed its first Ethereum powered mobile application, first geo-caching platform in cryptocurrency realm.

Kedna has also enabled the integration of blockchain technology into the ERC20 & ERC223 smart contract, creating an ERC223 Ethereum standard token called Venda Token. The ICO of Venda token is estimated to be out by end of 2018 which would revolutionize the digital rewarding on online platforms

  • We write Ethereum smart contracts in solidity
  • Web3 Library integration and foreign regulation for token sale.
  • We also provide code auditing as a security services for token projects.

Aside from mobile applications and blockchain, Kenda Software has diversified its portfolio into VR/AR gaming, 3D printing and crypt-ocurrency mining

Kenda is the go-to hub for data science

Kenda Software enables organisations of all sizes, and in all sectors, to leverage the power of their data through short, defined data science projects. Our company also works with organisations to help scale their data science efforts up, providing a fast, flexible and cost effective way of delivering existing projects to completion.

  • Reduce Costs and Save Hiring Time.
  • Value Delivered in a Short Time.
  • Scale Up Resource When You Need To.

We offer businesses an easy way to scale their data science resources flexibly, rather than using traditional hiring methods. Interested in discussing a data science project with us?

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up-to 2.5 Gigahash/sec in-house mining power.

Kenda software enterprises offer a range of services for the provision of cryptocurrency mining hardware. Mining cryptocurrency requires specific computer hardware, functioning as a digital work force that operate around the clock, crunching through data for rewards in the currency of choice. The construction of suitable hardware and configuration of the appropriate software is a daunting task. We provide the expertise and support to get your mining operations launched successfully.

We offer bespoke hardware provisions to full turn key solutions, from a single machine to entire farms in dedicated building. We aid in the installation of hardware, configuration of appropriate wallets, coding of software, exchange support and overviews of best practices for system maintenance and security. For medium to large networks we can undertake penetrative testing to identify potential weaknesses to prevent unauthorised access and reduce risk to your digital assets.

Regardless of scale, Kenda Software have solutions available that remove the work and confusion from building your digital workforce.

For further information on how Kenda Software can enable your advancement into crypto-currency, contact us to arrange a consultation with one of our data scientists or engineers.

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The Team


AK Tarik

Technology entrepreneur and innovator.


Reid Larson

3D Printing innovator and Blockchain veteran.

Business Development Manager

Oliver El Zein

Business development, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Investment.

Mobile App Operations

Wasil Ahmed

Mobile App Development Expert and Project Manager.

Solution Architect

Keshav Bansal

Blockchain and Data Scientist.

Systems Engineer

Adam Johnson

Cyrptcurrency miner and Royal Navy ex-serviceman.

Digital Marketing

Jemiah Douglin

Digital Marketing and Social Media Officer